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Tali Kayam is an independent curator based in Tel Aviv. Kayam holds a BA from the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts from Tel Aviv University, a diploma in Journalism Studies from the Koteret School of Journalism and Communications at Tel Aviv University, and will soon complete her MA in Policy and Theory of the Arts at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. In her curatorial practice thus far, Kayam has focused on alternative spaces, displaying work at co-operative artist-run galleries and noncommercial spaces. She was part of the curatorial and production teams of the 2nd and 3rd editions of “Metropolis”, a temporary free art school operated annually at a different neighborhood in Tel Aviv, where all the residents take on the role of teachers, each showcasing a different skill or expertise. Kayam also collaborated with commercial galleries in Tel Aviv, publishing curatorial texts for group and solo exhibitions. As an independent writer and researcher she is currently focused on the 1980’s in Israeli art, a topic she plans to dedicate her thesis to. Since February 2017, Kayam has been the permanent curator at the Hanut31 - Theater & Gallery in southern Tel Aviv, which includes a space of two showcases facing the main street of the neighborhood.